Ch 11 continued  The Water Cycle

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 Listen to song by Mr. Parr



  WATCH video... & Cornell notes on this video


  WATCH video...


 The Water Cycle Song     by: ParrMr


 The Water Cycle    by: National Science Foundation


  The water cycle | Ecology     by: Khan Academy

  Water Cycle Quiz 

   Here are the Directions for water cycle project     Water Cycle RUBRIC directions for project


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 Video from class: Review the water story board. 

       Written and illustrated by Joel M. Kimball


EXAMPLES of the water cycle


 EXAMPLE:  Drippy the Water Drop

  Water Cycle student EXAMPLES:

    Water Cycle PowerPoint Example 2012

     Water Cycle Power Point example 2015

  water cycle project Example 2010 

   Water Cycle Example 2012


   VIDEO: The Water Cycle 2015 Karina Wilson

   Video: water cycle taylor leonetti 2017

   Video: water cycle project maleena r alexa l abby w 2017 

  VIDEO: Video water cycle project Haley Lusk



10 Amazing Experiments with Water   by Drew the Science Dude