Ch 11 continued  The Water Cycle

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 Listen to song by Mr. Parr



  WATCH video... & Cornell notes on this video


  WATCH video...


 The Water Cycle Song     by: ParrMr


 The Water Cycle    by: National Science Foundation


  The water cycle | Ecology     by: Khan Academy

  Water Cycle Quiz 



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Video from class: Review the water story board. 

       Written and illustrated by Joel M. Kimball


EXAMPLES of the water cycle

  PROJECT Water cycle RUBRIC only Water cycle Storyboard 2017 RUBRIC ONLY.pdf

  Drippy the Water Drop

  Water Cycle student EXAMPLES:

    Water Cycle PowerPoint Example 2012

     Water Cycle Power Point example 2015

  water cycle project Example 2010 

   Water Cycle Example 2012


   VIDEO: The Water Cycle 2015 Karina Wilson

   Video: water cycle taylor leonetti 2017

   Video: water cycle project maleena r alexa l abby w 2017 

  VIDEO: Video water cycle project Haley Lusk



10 Amazing Experiments with Water   by Drew the Science Dude