Ch 27 Earth Moon Sun System



by: Frank Gregorio

               Introduction to Astronomy       



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Changing Earth Song   by: ParrMr


 Astronomy Simulations and Animations  by




Class Action 


The Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project

                     Terra INFO                                                                                                                                                                                    
April 4  Prove Earth is spinning?

  National Geographic  C. Effect  by National Geographic


 Coriolis Effect   by SciencePrimer


   more information on Rotation

 How we Proved Earth Rotates   by  SciShow        uses  Leon Foucault


 Does your toilet water drain differently?  by  SciShow 

  How Earth Moves  by:Vsauce 


       Earth's motion around the Sun, not as simple as I thought   by: Aryan Navabi



Week of


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Watch video 



Watch video




Watch video ADD to NOTES

 Seasons  by: ParrMr


 Seasons  by: Earth Rocks!


  Why do we have seasons?   by: SciShow     


 The Axis of Rotation   by: LittleOrisek1

 Introductory Astronomy: Causes of the Seasons   by: Professor Paul Robinson


    WS Planet Earth Reinforcement Study Guide

     WS Planet Earth 






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Watch video 



Watch video

  Day Night Song   by: ParrMr


  Earth's Tilt 1: The Reason for the Seasons  by: MITK12Videos


  Earth's Tilt 2: Land of the Midnight Sun  by: MITK12Videos





 Listen to SONG ParrMr



Listen to SONG ParrMr




 Earth's Interior Song   by: ParrMr


  Crust, Mantle, Cores Song   by: ParrMr


   How We Know The Earth Isn’t Flat    by: Seeker


 10 Things That Would Happen If The Earth Was FLAT   by: TheHUB 


  Neil Tyson Demonstrates Absurdity of "FLAT EARTH"     by StarTalk  



April 6

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 Watch video take notes:


Watch video


 Watch video



    Earth's orbit song by ParrMr


  Equinoxes  by: National Geographic


 Equinox and Solstice   by: R Boganwright


 WS eclipse handout   

 WS Syzygy

 WS 85 Solstice Equinox  


April 6/7  

  Watch video in class


  Watch video 




  Eclipses: Crash Course Astronomy #5 by: CrashCourse 


 Solar Eclipse 101 | National Geographic

  Lunar Eclipse 101 | National Geographic 



April 7/8 

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Watch video:



Watch video:



Watch video



 Spring and Neap Tides  by ParrMr


 Tides: Crash Course Astronomy #8 by: CrashCourse


  Understanding Tides Part 1 by:AdventureElements1


  Understanding Tides Part 2 by:AdventureElements1



         Moon INFO                                                                                                                                                          

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Watch video



 Moon Phases Song by ParrMr

  Moon 101 | National Geographic   by  National Geographic

  Lunar Cycle, Why The Moon Change Shapes, 8 Phases Of The Moon,

   WS Moon Phases 


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Watch video

 Moon Phases Song by ParrMr

 Moon Phases: Crash Course Astronomy #4 by: CrashCourse



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Watch video

 Can See The Phases "of the moon" by ParrMr 

Phases of the Moon: Astronomy and Space for Kids - FreeSchool



  LAB Oreo Activity:

   Lab WS Oreo Moon Phases 2A          Lab Oreo Moon Phases 2B





Watch video:

For Educational Purposes Only!



   Documentary: If We Had No Moon  by:  12321598 views 

            WS: Video if we had no moon


 Watch video 

includes moon features


 Watch video



 Watch video

  Where Did the Moon Come From? by:SciShow Space

       Article on Theory of Moon


  The Moon: Crash Course Astronomy #12  by: CrashCourse 


   Earth has two moons    by Tech Insider  


  WS ALL of Luna activity sheets

  WS 84 Theory of the Moon

  WS 86 Ecliptic & the Moons Orbit



Listen to SONG ParrMr



Watch video 


Watch video

  Tidal Locking | Why Do We Only See One Side of the Moon? by: MinuteEarth


 Where Did Earth's Water Come From?  by: MinuteEarth 


  The Ocean is Way Deeper Than You Think    by:RealLifeLore


  Meteor Strikes Russia, Over 1,000 Believed Injured by:  ABC News


  Meteor Impact Site | National Geographic by:  National Geographic


  NASA Preparing for Giant Asteroid Impact! *Apophis*  by: Mr Scientific

4/22   TEST on Earth Moon Sun  

 The 6 Craziest Extinctions Ever by:  AsapSCIENCE



 Experience the Disaster that Wiped Out Dinosaurs   by: Science Channel

  Dinosaurs Documentary: Last Day Of The Dinosaurs    by: World Dinosaurs