HOW to... use Cornell notes, find lab contract, and online text book

Index: CORNELL notes, Lab Safety Contract, & your Text Book online


HOW to use CORNELL notes:

We are going to be using note taking skill that is used by several universities... one is Cornell Law School


Here is my master template we use in class just in case you need a CORNELL SHEET at home and do not have one: Cornell Template c.pdf


  Cornell Word Templete


Cornell note videos:

     WATCH THIS VIDEO 1st: on How to take... Cornell Notes  by: sofiatreeproductions       


    watch THIS VIDEO 1ST:  Basic Cornell Notes   by:Sophia Caramagno 


    Watch this video 2nd  Advanced Cornell Notes  by: Sophia Caramagno 


  How to study efficiently: The Cornell Notes Method  by: Learn English with Emma [engVid]




     Microsoft OneNote - Cornell Note taking for students   by: Matthew O'Brien 


 Lab Safety Contract:

    Here is your Lab Safety Contract. LAB safety contract.pdf

    Please print, complete, sign it and return to your teacher.



HOW to Find your Text Book online:

Read this first...

This is the STUDENT ACCESS CODE:      FBAED17265

Please highlight and copy it.  You will have to enter the code at a later time.

After YOU click on the link, at the bottom of this page, you will be asked several questions.  This is what it looks like (see below).


Access Online Learning Center

Top of Form

Choose State *                                                      

User *

 Teacher  Student/Parent


* Required fields

Bottom of Form




USER is Student/Parent




            Then the 5th one down:  Earth Science: Geology, the Environment, and the Universe © 2008

Under the STUDENT CENTER tab AND under the Textbook Resources section

*           Click on the: Online Student Edition   .

           Click on:  Online Student Edition….  AGAIN


NEXT a link should appear for the "online student Edition"  Click on the link


YOU will then be asked to enter the  "STUDENT ACCESS CODE."   FBAED17265

      Please enter the code and click on the ENTER button.  This will take you to the book.

                 It may take several minutes to load up.


Here is the main web site... http://www.GLENCOE.COM