About Me

Mr. Smith

Earth/Space science teacher

Adjunct Instructor for two different colleges

Amateur Astronomer & Geologist, Retired Vol. Firefighter & Rescue Scuba Diver

Tennis player & Tennis Coach for NCAA College & High School as well as private instructor

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  Lessons on the "FORCE of Nature

     Dac Waver (Jedi knight)   (active mem

 Jedi Waver protection the druids           Belt w/4 food capsules;              The Guardian Saber              Guardian                  Guardian

                                                                2 pouches & Saber clip                     Green saber                    Green

  Dac Waver protecting the druids  Dac Waver Jedi Belt Dac Waver Guardian Saber view 1 Dac Waver Guardian Saber view 2 UltraSaber Guardian Saber  with Diamond sound


           Master Jedi battling Darth Vadar (J. Strennen)  Guardian of Galactic Peace    Captured By Darth Vadar      Its a good thing that 

            @ Seven Springs for Star Wars day                     Dac Waver (Master Jedi)         at SteelCityCon 2018        Mandalorian was around


                     Star Trek Commander Science office (Commander Smith)   

      Lessons on "SPACE and beyond"  including open house:

      "to ask parents questions that no one has ever asked before

       Welcome to Earth/Space Science                                Commander Smith @       NASA Flight Suit for

              Commander Smith                                                          open house 2015+           Rocket Science




             Star Trek Commander & Vulcan Science office (Commander Vopac)

     Commander Vopac      Commander Vopac, Lt. Testa, Medical                           Commander Vopac & Lt. Testa           Lt. Testa & Commander Vopac

                                               (some Red shirt guy) & medical officer Megan               Talking to a Science Office               w/ ensign Lisa


         Other outfits                  

        Front view                                    Back view                           Right Side view                Left side view            Master Waver in Action

 Dac Waver (Front view) Dac Waver Back view Dac Waver (Left side view) Dac Waver (Left side view) Dac Waver (in action)

                                                                                                                                                            Padawan Hoke & Master Waver 

   Padawan Hoke  (Jedi apprentice is a trainee who is apprenticed Jedi Knight Waver)                 guarding the Princess and the Droids  



   Master BearClaw & Master Waver             Empiral Officer John caught                         Master Waver & Jedi Master Jimmy

                                                                         Padawan Hoke off guard                              @ Mingo Planetarium



                  80's day

   8th grade team                                           Doc Brown                     Doc Brown and Marty (Mr. Tsipras) McFly