Ch 28 Solar System


by: Frank Gregorio

              Introduction to Our Solar System​              by: I Declare Shenanigames                   Your age around the solar system

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April  25


Ch 28 Solar System  

CORNELL notesheet



 Solar System Song    by: ParrMr


  CH 28 Study Guide  Complete Part 1 & 2  

        CH 28 Study Guide part 1 Solar system only

       CH 28 Study Guide  part 2 Planets only


  Introduction to the Solar System: Crash Course Astronomy #9  by:CrashCourse


  Solar system exploration - NASA science


  Introduction to Astronomy: Crash Course Astronomy #1


   National Geographic  101


  Space School- Solar System




  Directions for the: 

  Solar System Orbital Lab activity            Orbital Lab Rubric ONLY


  To Scale: The Solar System  by: To Scale:


  How the Universe is Way Bigger Than You Think  by: RealLifeLore





Planets in Our Solar System

April 6



watch videos

 Mercury: Crash Course Astronomy #13   by:CrashCourse

  Mercury101  | National Geographic  by: National Geographic

  Planet Mercury | Space School  by:  Science Channel 

  VENUS & MERCURY - A Traveler's Guide to the Planets  by:  space and astronomy





watch videos


   Venus: Crash Course Astronomy #14   by:CrashCourse

  Venus101  | National Geographic  by: National Geographic

  Planet Venus | Space School  by:  Science Channel 


  Why Does Venus Spin Backwards?   by: SciShow Space 

   Venus's Climate - Snow on the Hottest Plane   by: space and astronomy

   What is the Hottest Planet in the Solar System?   by: Fraser Cain 

   Deadliest Space Weather S01E01 - Venus






watch videos


  The Earth: Crash Course Astronomy #11   by:CrashCourse

  Earth101  | National Geographic  by: National Geographic

  Planet Earth | Space School  by:  Science Channel 


 The Moon: Crash Course Astronomy #12   by:CrashCourse

 Planet Luna | Space School  by:  Science Channel 





watch videos

  Mars: Crash Course Astronomy #15     by:CrashCourse

   Mars101  | National Geographic  by: National Geographic

  Planet Mars | Space School  by:  Science Channel 


  Inside Monster Martian Volcanoes  by: Science Channel

 5 most Mysterious photos from Mars  by: Dark5

 MARS - A Traveler's Guide to the Planets  by:  space and astronomy

  Life on Mars - Is Ice Water Enough?  by: space and astronomy


 Water found on Mars... for real  by: Seeker



  Asteroids: Crash Course Astronomy #20     by:CrashCourse


  Planet Asteriods | Space School  by:   Science Channel 





  Jupiter: Crash Course Astronomy #16    by:CrashCourse

  Jupiter 101  | National Geographic  by:  National Geographic

   Planet Jupiter | Space School  by:  Science Channel 



 10 Facts about Jupiter  by:  Jose Pecina


  Jupiter Sounds | by:  hryzunik



  Jupiter's moons: Crash Course Astronomy #17    by:CrashCourse



  Saturn: Crash Course Astronomy #18    by:CrashCourse


    Saturn 101  | National Geographic  by:  National Geographic


  Planet Saturn | Space School  by:  Science Channel


   The Eerie Sounds of Saturn | by:  SpaceRip

  9 Facts about Saturn  by:  Jose Pecina

 What would you see if you fell into Saturn's atmosphere  by: V101 Science

 What would it be like to Stand on Saturn's moon Titan   by: V101 Science 




   Uranus & Neptune: Crash Course Astronomy #19   by:CrashCourse

    Uranus & Neptune: Crash Course Astronomy #19

  Planet Uranus | Space School  by:  Science Channel 

  Uranus 101  | National Geographic  by:  National Geographic


  Sounds of Uranus | by:  U.G. Krishnamurti

 8 Facts about Uranus  by:  Jose Pecina




 Uranus & Neptune: Crash Course Astronomy #19   by:CrashCourse

    Uranus & Neptune: Crash Course Astronomy #19

 Neptune 101  | National Geographic  by:  National Geographic

  Planet Neptune | Space School  by:  Science Channel 


  Sounds of Neptune | by:  Torven The Grey

 8 Facts about Neptune  by:  Jose Pecina


What would you see if you fell into Neptune's atmosphere  by: V101 Science




Watch Video





95 Worlds And Counting (2000) (The Discovery Channel)

  by: Ben Treece


  WS 95 worlds & counting Worksheet A 

 WS 95 worlds and counting Worksheet B



 Planets Around a Star Song    by: ParrMr

  Planet Song   by: ParrMr

   Solar System Song    by: ParrMr



   Planet Pluto | Space School  by:  Science Channel 


 Pluto 101  | National Geographic  by:  National Geographic



 Comets: Crash Course Astronomy #21    by:CrashCourse


   Oort Cloud

 The Oort Cloud: Crash Course Astronomy #22    by:CrashCourse



 Meteors: Crash Course Astronomy #23   by:CrashCourse


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 Watch Video

   Planets Around a Star Song    by: ParrMr

  Sun101  | National Geographic  by: National Geographic

  The Sun: Crash Course Astronomy #10    by:CrashCourse

   Planet Sun | Space School  by:  Science Channel The Sun 



 Brochure Activity


   Planets Around a Star Song    by: ParrMr

   Planet Song   by: ParrMr

   Solar System Song    by: ParrMr

    How Michael Faraday Changed the World with a Magnet  bySciShow

    Nikola Tesla: Great Minds  bySciShow

   Scary sounds of Space! by:Astrogeekz

  Scary sounds of Space 2! byAstrogeekz


  All Planets Sounds from Space byAryanatomy


Listen to SONG



 Listen to SONG


Listen to SONG


 Watch Video


 Watch Video



Watch Video


Watch Video

The helical model - our solar system is a vortex   by: DjSadhu

   The helical model - our Galaxy is a vortex   by: DjSadhu

  Solar System 2.0 - the helical model  by: DjSadhu


   Your age around the solar system

          Your weight around the solar system



  MinuteEarth: The Story of Our Planet   by: MinuteEarth

      Gravity Visualized   by: apbiolghs   

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