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Ch 2


  Intro song

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         Longitude and Latitude song  by:  msberginsclass 


     The Map Features Song (Gentleman by PSY) by: The Singing History Teachers  




 Pick any 2 songs

  Horrible Histories: Charles Darwin Natural Selection (Lyrics)

  The Story of All Life - Evolution Song

  Biome Song



Chapter 11 12 13


 Pick any 3 songs

Air Song     by: ParrMr

 Weather Fronts Song  by: ParrMr

ThunderStorm  by Mr. Parr

 Hurricane & Twisters Song   by: ParrMr

 Wind Song

 Atmosphere Song     by: ParrMr




Chemistry and matter

Chapter 3

 Pick any 3 songs

 The Periodic Table Song   by: AsapSCIENCE


  Periodic Table Song   by: ParrMr

 Classifying Matter Song   by: ParrMr

  Parts of an Atom Song   by: ParrMr

  Inside an Atom Song   by: ParrMr

  Atomic Structure Song    by: ParrMr




 Rocks and Minerals

Chapter 4 5 6

 Pick any 2 songs

  Mineral Song  by: ParrMr 

  WE WILL ROCK YOU! (The Rock Cycle)     by: Emily B

  Rock Cycle Song   by: ParrMr

  Type of ROCK    by: ParrMr




Chapter 19

 Pick any 2 songs

 Its an Earthquake   by:ParrMr

 Earthquake Waves  by:ParrMr 

 Shakes It All   by:ParrMr

  Breaking at Focus Song  by:ParrMr