Ch 4 Minerals


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Ch 4 Minerals   

Page: 343-365 Page: 313-343

CORNELL notesheet



     PROJECT:  Salt Project


    PROJECT: Mighty Mineral   

                   Mighty mineral Info Sheet ONLY RTF file




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NOV 11


 Listen to song by Mr. Parr



WATCH video...


  Mineral Song  by: ParrMr

Identifying Minerals for Earth Science   by: MrRayScience



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NOV 13

WATCH videos...for lab

 take notes if needed

A brief Introduction to minerals  by: Michael Sammartano


 Identifying Minerals  by: Michael Sammartano



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NOV 14

 Listen to song by Mr. Parr




LAB: Mineral

  Mineral Song  by: ParrMr

 Handout Minerals METALLIC

 Handout Minerals non-METALLIC LIGHT

 Handout Minerals non-METALLIC DARK

 Lab Activity sheet Minerals

 Planet Earth-Lab 1-Mineral Identification   by: RNEarthSciences


 additional: Mineral Breakage notes


  Virtual mineral Lab called:

 Download the worksheet, & Lab sheet

 Mineral-ID-Challenge-ID chart

Mineral-ID-Challenge-ID Worksheet



 Mineral Identification Challenge by: Michael Sammartano



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Nov 18



HW complete WS...

HW complete WS...

 Rocks and Mineral CD Lab on the Computer

See your teacher for the CD


   WS CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Mohs Scale of Hardness




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nov 19

 This video covers 8 common minerals 

and 7 Mineral Groups...

MUST WATCH as into to this topic

12) Minerals Overview   by: CVshorey

2) Silicate Minerals    by: CVshorey

19) Carbonates Minerals by: CVshorey

21) Sulfate Minerals by: CVshorey

22) Sulfide Minerals by: CVshorey

23) Halides Minerals by: CVshorey

20) Oxides Minerals by: CVshorey

24) Native Elements Minerals pt 1  by: CVshorey

24) Native Elements Minerals pt 2  by: CVshorey



 AFTER clicking on the link


VIDEO #12  minerals

WORKSHEET for video

 Earth Revealed  Video on Minerals


 WS Mineral Video Questions


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Jan 30

Listen to song by Mr. Parr



WATCH video...


HW complete WS...

HW complete WS...

 Mineral Song  by: ParrMr


How Do Gemstones Form: Gem Rock Auctions


WS Gems, Gemstones, and Ores


How Do Gemstones Form?