Ch 18 Volcanoes


                                                                                       by: Frank Gregorio         Ch 18 Volcanoes      pages: 499-525

                                                                                             Introduction to Volcanoes   


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Marh 12


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CORNELL notesheet


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Answer WS that goes with it


Directions for the VIDEO

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Homework for Tomorrow

Watch video and Write the TERM

and definiation for each vocab word 

the present to you

 Volcanoe Song by ParrMr  


  Earth Revealed Video #13 Volcanoes


  Click on the above link:  when the site opens up scrool down to Video #13 

  Click on the small icon to the right labeled "VOD"  This will start the video

            Video directions for Earth Revealed Video 13 Volcanism.pdf



  Geography Lesson: What is a Volcano?  by: Twig World  


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Marh 14

 Today in class we are going to

 watch the video 

"The World's Deadliest Volcanoes"


 Hawaiian Goddess

    7 Hawaiian Legends Not To Be Ignored  (Don’t Take The Lava Rock Home With You) 

 Goddess Pele : Hawaiian Goddess of the Volcano

  The Story of Pele





Here is how to Pronounce the

Icelandic volcano



If you have time watch the Video on:

  I Shouldnt Be Alive

    How to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull (a message from an Icelander) 

  How to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull   

  I Shouldnt Be Alive Crash in a Volcano  by:Socko Pricket


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Marh 16

Video: by Evei Rocks


discovery version 





Video of Virtual tour of the










It backs on to the House of Lucius Ceius Secundus. Originally a standard atrium townhouse, the building was adapted to create a working area downstairs and living quarters upstairs.

Pompeii: The Last Day  (Discovery)


Raiders of the Lost Ark (9/10) Movie CLIP  by:Movieclips

   start video clip at 1:15 for ex. of Thermal shock 


 The Other Pompeii: Life and Death in Herculaneum | BBC Documentary  by: Ancient History Documentaries


 House of Polybius (Pompeii)  by: Altair4 Multimedia

  Altair4 Multimedia Archive: Research



   Houses of Pompeii   by: Amanda Boyle  



   Third Style Painting at the House of Julius Polybius at Pompeii. AD79  by: Classical Civilization


   The Forum of Pompeii   by Amanda Boyle


  Pompeii. The Fullery of Stephanus   by: Classical Civilization 


     Stabian Baths, Pompeii by: Carla Brain



   Writings of Pompeii     the_Elder   &  the_Younger

  Pliny The Elder: Great Minds

  The Lost City of Pompeii (1 of 2)  by: Angelooch1


  The Lost City of Pompeii (2 of 2)  by: Angelooch1


  Pompeii 1-day tour - What to see in Italy's Roman ruins - Mini-documentary



  Be sure to also check out part 2 - the Herculaneum tour (7m56s):

 Pompeii, Italy The city of Pompeii is a partially buried Roman town

near modern day Naples. by: Kevin Kilpatrick

March 20

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Video by: Storm

 2:00 min


Mythical Realm website

 A Fire Below  Song

  Most Dangerous Volcano 

  The 5 deadliest volcanic eruptions in human history

 Volcano eruption Power Comparison    

  Pele Sightings: Hawaiian Goddess


Volcano Eruption Power Comparison

March 21

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CORNELL notesheet


Watch video take notes



ONLINE computer activity #1


    Volcano World Notes

 (IF you have no internet access)

 Volcanoe Song by ParrMr  


  Geography Lesson: What is a Volcano?  by: Twig World


   Volcano World online Computer activity #1



     WS: Computer_volcano_world_Questions_2017


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CORNELL notesheet


ONLINE computer activity #2





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 Volcanoe Song by ParrMr  


 Volcano USGS online activity #2



WS: USGS_computer_Questions_for_online#2_2017


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Cornell notes on 


 Magma Rising Up Song


Volcanoes   by: Iken Edu 

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Video by: World Documentary

NOVA   2:38:11

 Volcanoes Place By The Ocean  by


  Deadliest Volcanoes

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Video by : Storm



Video by : Storm



Video by : The Destruction Zone


 Volcanic Eruptions Song


  Deadly Mt. St. Helen 


 Photographing a Catastrophic Explosion at Mt.St. Hellens.


 Mount Rainier Volcano is a Ticking Time Bomb 

Watch video



Watch video

  How Volcanoes Formed  by: Myandyourutube 


  Volcano, How Calderas are Formed by: encrypt777 


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 Watch video 



Watch video 

   Ring of Fire-Eruption Song 


  Krakatoa: the last day   by: endang mulyoko


   Krakatoa - The Great Volcanic Eruption by:Naked Science


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Watch video

  Magma Rising Up Song    by:

  Earth's Volcanoes - documentary   by: Science&Technology 4U

Watch video 



Watch video 

 Naked Science - Super Volcanoes  by: Naked Science


  What If Yellowstone Erupted Tomorrow?


  SUPERVOLCANO Yellowstone Movie Full 2 Hours




SUPERVOLCANO Yellowstone Movie Full 2 Hours


Watch video




Watch video 

Toba supervolcano eruption  by: documentary history channel 

  Documentary Yellowstone Eruption




SUPERVOLCANO Yellowstone Movie Full 2 Hours