Ch 4 Minerals and Gems



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  Hand out metallic minerals           Hand out nonmetallic mineral light         Hand out nonmetallic mineral Dark 


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Ch 4 Minerals  Ch 4 Study guide 

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    CORNELL notesheet



      SALT PROJECT Directions    Salt Project 


  by: Frank Gregorio

          Introduction to Rocks


   Mighty Mineral Project Report

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 Mineral Song 


  Introduction to Minerals (2019)   Mike Sammartano 


  WS Mineral Percent


 Mineral Identification Challenge  by: Michael Sammartano

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  WS Mohs hardness logic problem 


  WS MIneral Knowledge Check


  WS Reading on the Important Use of Gold and Titanium



 Earth revealed worksheet for video



Identifying Minerals for Earth Science  by MrRayScience

  WS Mineral LAB sample WORKSHEET


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  HOW to USE the Mineral CD 


  LAB for Rock and Minerals CD 


Mineral Groups      by: Michael Sammartano

  WS Mineral Groups 1


  WS for Earth Revealed Video #12 on Minerals

   CLICK here for the Earth Revealed Video #12 minerals