my MINGO Creek State Park Page and  Beyond

Mingo Creek State Park Observation 2019 schedule

 For extra credit you need to complete every question in the packet.  

 You may only go to Mingo NO more than 3 separate times within the same school year for extra credit.

 Each time you go there is a different packet SEE BELOW.  Please note that you MUST print off your own copy of the packet.  THERE will be NO PACKETS at Mingo.

     My First Trip to Mingo Observatory  (average # of point awarded is about 15)


         My Second Trip to Mingo Observatory   (average # of point awarded is about 20)


                  My Third Trip to Mingo Observatory   (average # of point awarded is about 40 )



SPECIAL EVENT... feel free to dress up 06-22-2019





  May   LAST mingo for my current 8th grade class

      May 24 & 25


 Over summer break: any 7th grader who goes to the field experience at Mingo Observatory (DO NOT forget to sign the guest book) and COMPLETES ALL of the Lab packet questions will receive EXTRA credit for the 3rd 9 week marking period, as long as you turn in your completed LAB packet.  YOU must turn in your completed pack BEFORE the 1st Sept Mingo Public Star Date

  June 21 & 22       July 12 & 13      Aug 9 & 10

JUNE 22 (Sci-Fi Night)

   Mingo is hosting a SCI-FI night.  Weather permitting come get your picture (small donation is greatly  encouraged, but necessary, which includes props with your photo) with Star Trek characters, Vader, troopers, sand people and some of the last jedi knights (who survived Order 66).

So I encourge you come dressed up in costume as ANY SCI-FI character you wantGet your parent(s) or guardian to dress up with you and you may receive bonus credit?

After all, you have an assignment to complete. 

              START of the 2019-2020 School year

  Sept 20 & 21


  October 25 & 26

  November 9: Bundle up star party