Ch12 Meteorology: weather forcasting

The Force of Mother Nature (Terra)     


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 My BEST FRIEND     EXAM Weather Map Needed

  National Weather Service



CORNELL notesheet






Listen to song by Mr. Parr



 WATCH video... & Cornell notes on this video

    NOTES Cornell on what is Air


WATCH video...

& Cornell notes on this video

 Pretest on Google classroom

  Air Song     by: ParrMr


 What is Air     by: CBSE


  Characteristics of Air     by: CBSE



WATCH video...



WATCH video...







   Air Pressure Explained  by:  Sc1648


  Why don't we get crushed by atmospheric pressure?   by:It's AumSum Time


        WS High Low Pressure

       WS Air Pressure arrows


     WS Composition of Atmosphere   (called: pacman)

     WS Composition of Atmosphere graphic model


OCT 20

Air Mass lesson


 NOTES Cornell on what is Air                  







Part 1  











Part 2  









Part 3  









  Air Song     by: ParrMr

  Weather Fronts Song  by: ParrMr


 Follow the directions for the activity:  LAB baby food jar        LAB baby food jar alternative



  *** Use the flash cards to test each other (and yourself) by holding them up. 

  You are allowed to use the  Air Masses- Reference Sheet .  Then complete the   

 following  WS  Contintental Weather  by filling in the BLANK lines for each Air

 Mass.  At the end of each air mass is the word: "AIR"

The Arrow going across is United States is Prevailing Westerly Winds 

  word:  Air mass Flash Cards   PDF version   Air Mass FLASH CARDS 

     NOTE: If you print them out, you will need to write just the air mass letter on the other side in pencil to test

                 yourself or test others


  Open up your Chromebook and go to the following site Study Jams Air masses

  and Fronts by clicking on the link below.

  Step 1)  Play the Video first

  Step 2) and fill in the blanks for the following:  WS Air mass T-block activity

  Step 3) THEN Click "test your skills."  When you are done and you think you know the answers

             go to google classroom and answer the questions under Chapter 12


 Complete the following:  WS 31 Air Mass Source Regions by using  the

   following resource  Air Masses- Reference Sheet . 


  WS AIR MASSES Map of United States 


  WS  Be the Meterologist Activity

  POST test on google classroom


OCT 21

 Listen to song 


Listen to song



 During video... answer this worksheet


WATCH video...

& fill in the above worksheet



  Weather Fronts Song  by: ParrMr


 Air Song     by: ParrMr


 WS Air Masses during video

 Air masses by: Michael Sammartano


  WS 31 Air mass source regions


 OCT 22


 YOU can Watch this video...




 Watch these videos 4 videos...












WHEN done complete the following worksheets


complete the following Worksheet


complete the following Worksheet


complete the following Worksheet


Extra  Worksheet


  Global Winds and Jet Streams.   by  pamela lesley



  What is global circulation? | Part One | Differential heating  by:  Met Office - Learn About Weather



  What is global circulation? | Part Two | The three cells  by:  Met Office - Learn About Weather



  What is global circulation? | Part Three | The Coriolis effect & winds  by:  Met Office - Learn About Weather



  What is the jet stream and how does it affect the weather? by:  Met Office - Learn About Weather




   WS global wind system

  WS 32 Global Wind System2

  WS WIND is Air is WIND 


 Extra if needed     WS Major Air Circulation  


OCT 22

 Listen to song....



on Coriolis Effect which causes air to more to the right in the northern Hemisphere and to the left in the southern




 WATCH video 

Wind Song 


Coriolis Effect by: SpartanEarthScience



     WS 31 Air mass source regions



 Global Atmospheric Circulation   by: Keith Meldahl


OCT 25

WATCH video...

Weather Fronts Song  by: ParrMr


  Wind Song  by: ParrMr


Coriolis Effect    by: National Geographic 





OCT 26


 Listen to song...

   CORNELL Clozed Notes on Fronts


 WATCH video... 




WATCH video...


Worksheets:  will do in class 

Weather Fronts Song  by: ParrMr


 What are weather fronts?   by: Met Office - Weather


 10 Fronts animation    by William Stanford  Ms. Broome's Science Class 

    WS Types of weather Fronts

    WS Fronts Cold Warm

    WS fronts weather

    WS 41 Types of FRONTS   


OCT 26



info if needed

 Listen to song.... 2 times



  Watch video...



Watch video...



WATCH video... for

    DEMO you will do in class    

 Weather Fronts Song  by: ParrMr


 Air Masses and Weather Fronts  by: The Science Lane


 Weather Basics: Pressure and Fronts   by: NWSLaCrosseWI


LAB: Creating a weather front:





OCT 27

 HOMEWORK  Watch video... 

Lake Effect Snow expalined by Storm Shield App

 What is lake effect snow?  by CNN

  Weather map forcasting

Weather Equipment


OCT 28


WATCH video... 



  Worksheets:  will do in class

  Worksheets:  will do in class




 Station Models    by: Michael Sammartano


  WS Weather Station Symbols Worksheet 

 WS Weather Station Symbols #2 


     WS Wacky weather symbols

    WS 42 Meteorological Symbols Modern Earth Sci




Nov 1

WATCH video 



 WATCH video 






Worksheets in class

Worksheets in class


Worksheets HOMEWORK



 How to Read Weather Map   by  University of Illinois Extension


 How to Read Weather Maps  by: Darron Gedge's Geography Channel


 WS Forecasting map practice inclass

  WS reading weathermaps WS 1-5  (what is not done is class is homework)


WS interpreting a Weather Map 43  GRADED assignment for next day



nov 3

  Listen to song



 WATCH video 


HW:   Worksheet that goes with video


HW:  WATCH video... & answer worksheet

 Weather Instruments Song   by: ParrMr


   Weather Instruments   by:  Michael Sammartano 


    WS Weather Equipment Data 



 WS Weather Data  WS 33  next day 




Nov 3

Relative Humidity  


WATCH video... then complete 



    Simple Explanation of Relative Humidity vs Dew Point   by: Crawl Space Ninja



     Calculating RelativeHumidity & Dew Point  by:  Michael Sammartano

     WS Relative humidity  

Nov 4

 Watch videos then

answer questions on the study guide

between #38 and #39  should be on page 4

 How does a Doppler weather radar work    by: KMOV St. Louis

 How does Doppler radar work  by:

 Radar & The Doppler Effect    by:

   Interpreting Visible and Infrared Satellite Imagery   by Dutton Institute  

Nov 5

 Temperature Conversion

  Listen to song by Harry Kindergartan Music


 WATCH video... 



WATCH video... 


WATCH video... 



HW  BOTH Worksheets:


    The Thermometer Song     by:Harry Kindergarten Music


  Fahrenheit And Celsius Conversion    by:mrmaisonet


   Absolute Zero: Absolute Awesome  by  SciShow


  The day after tomorrow - Freeze to death   by: Leung Ethan 


  WS Celsius to Fahrenheit


  WS Fahrenheit to Celsius 


Sling psychrometer activity

    Sling Psychrometer Demo   by: Laura Riley

   WS Psychrometer Lab Activity







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